Is Bella Hadid Getting Into Designing Shoes?

Bella Hadid’s popular line for Chrome Hearts is making its U.K. debut with an exclusive launch at Selfridges.

To mark the launch, the supermodel joined longtime friend and musician Jessie Jo Stark and her mother, Laurie, Chrome Hearts’ co-owner, at the British department store on Oxford Street.

“This is such a beautiful space, and the [accessories department] is brand-new. It’s a new entrance to the store, so it’s perfect, not only for my collection but for Chrome Hearts as a whole. It all comes together,” said Hadid, who has been a frequent Selfridges visitor of late, having also launched her new Dior mascara campaign at the store two weeks ago.

Chrome Hearts has its own shop-in-shop in Selfridges’ new accessories department, adjacent to GucciValentino and Balenciaga. It features both the Chrome Hearts x Bella collection and its core jewelry, handbag and r-t-w ranges.

For her part, Laurie Stark said that she was drawn to the boldness of a big London launch. “From there, the whole world can follow,” she said, highlighting plans to continue expanding into markets such as L.A. and Tokyo.

Each launch will highlight new pieces in the range. In London, fans will find new sunglasses styles, new color variations of the popular leather caps and more dashes of leopard print.

 Chrome Hearts Selfridges
Inside the Chrome Hearts space at Selfridges.
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Hadid, who has taken many trips to explore the label’s archives in L.A., pointed to a leopard-print coat with leather bondage straps on top: “This is one of my favorite pieces I designed. We all then worked at putting all the elements together, and it’s something we’d all wear.”

She stressed that she sees the collection as always evolving rather than being a one-off project.

Next on her and Jessie Jo’s wish list: shoes.

“There are a lot of things to consider with production, and we are taking baby steps at the moment, but we are really hoping to design shoes next. If Mummy lets us,” said Hadid, pointing to Laurie Stark.

“I’m always hearing them talk about shoes, shoes, shoes, and I’m over hear trying to work it all out, experiment with factories, so when they are ready to make shoes, we can make it happen. There’s a shoe heaven right here at Selfridges,” said Stark, who’s enjoyed seeing her daughter and Hadid take control and revamp the label.

“We just happened to get Bella at the peak of her career — it was unfortunate and fortunate at the same time. I didn’t know how we were going to take a day out of her, but she flies in and gets it done. Jessie Jo has her whole music career, but she also makes time. It’s a wonderful feeling because I always think that if no one comes in to help, it’s extremely hard to keep revamping.”

Jessie Jo also pointed out that there is a lot of trust on the part of her parents, who usually veer toward an all-black palette yet let them experiment with color: “It was important having their support, and if I would let anyone into what my parent created, it would be Bella. She knows exactly what she wants, and she wears Chrome Hearts in a really different way.”

The young musician, who will open the Guns n’ Roses concert on July 4, said her ultimate dream is to have her own line with Hadid, and to sing during the presentation while Hadid walks down the catwalk.

“This is basically training for them to do their own line,” added Stark.

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