Freshly Picked’s Baby-Size Oxfords Are Perfect for Little Gentlemen

Representing luxe and sophistication, the oxford shoe is a classic style of men’s footwear that has been a staple wardrobe item for centuries. Its signature closed laces and slightly elevated heel provides a simple base that men use for smart casual wear or even formalwear.

The style has been reimagined in countless ways, from brogue detailing or multicoloring, or even as women’s footwear. But children’s wear label Freshly Picked has just unveiled the latest iteration — baby oxfords.

With a choice of rustic black or light golden brown, the most stylish young boys under 3 years old can now add a classic touch to their looks. These baby oxfords feature visible seams, closed elastic laces and cuffed top lines.

Freshly Picked ensures that parents will love these little shoes too, adding soft soles and a pull tab in the back to help them slide their child’s foot into its classy casing. The shoes are available in sizes 1 to 5 and retail for $60 online.

Freshly Picked Onyx Oxford

Susan Petersen, founder and CEO of Freshly Picked, said: “Our new oxfords, which are equal parts posh and adventurous, will be a favorite with parents everywhere because they match everything from fancy dresses to overalls.”

Freshly Picked offers plenty of fashionable options for infant footwear, including moccasins, penny loafers and Mary Janes. The brand’s biggest priority is that its styles are durable and made from premium-quality materials that are specially designed to stay on a child’s foot.

Babies, stay tuned: Freshly Picked will continue to release new styles throughout the rest of the year.

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