10 Colorful Patterned Rain Boots for Kids

As you stock up on new fall clothes and shoes for your kids, don’t forget about rain boots.

The season brings plenty of wet weather, so it’s essential to have a sturdy pair in the closet. Whether kids are heading to school or playing in the puddles, there are a wide range of boot styles to choose from, combining both style and protection from the elements.

For girls, M&F Western has an adorable cowboy boot silhouette, decorated with a colorful, ’60s-inspired floral print — perfect for brightening up a gray day.

Western Chief, one of the rain boot category’s biggest players, turns up the fun factor with styles featuring lighted soles. The tie-dye-inspired Abstract Bloom look for girls is just one of more than a dozen light-up kids’ boots that the brand offers.

Hatley taps into a fantasy theme with its Vikings & Foes design, featuring vibrant longships and sea serpents. For a perfectly coordinated head-to-toe look, the Canadian brand offers a matching hooded raincoat and umbrella.

For older boys, Ugg has a cool camouflage-patterned boot in a subtle brown and cream palette. The same print is also available in a shorter, pull-on style for toddlers.

Click through the gallery here to see our fun rain boot picks for fall.

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