Why Karen Walker of ‘Will And Grace’ Loves These Shoes — Will She Wear Them in the Reboot?

Karen Walker, the character from “Will and Grace” best known for her harsh, unfiltered comments and love of fashion and indulgences, has a lot to say about shoes. As the beloved series reboots on NBC tonight, it’s a good time get a refresher in what happened before the show’s 12-year break, especially Karen’s footwear wisdom.

And what are her wise words? “Husbands come and go, but the Chanel slingback is forever.”

A classic, the Chanel slingback style dates back to 1957, with new iterations each season. No matter how the colors or strap designs change, this shoe always features a stacked heel, two-tone finish and lasting appeal. Like Karen says, this timeless look doesn’t go out of style.

Chanel calfskin slingback pumps
Chanel 2017 calfskin slingback pumps, available in boutiques.
CREDIT: Chanel.com

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Karen’s lesson on the importance of the Chanel slingback came after she lost her pair in season two.

While looking through Karen’s closet for clothing to donate to charity, Jack stumbled upon Karen’s impressive shoe collection. Though impressed by what he saw, he selected the slingback pumps to add to the donation pile without telling Karen.

Still from Will and Grace episode "Sweet (and Sour) Charity."
Still from Will and Grace episode “Sweet (and Sour) Charity.”

Later, when Karen found the empty space in her shoe collection, she had a slight overreaction.

Still from Will and Grace episode "Sweet (and Sour) Charity."
Still from Will and Grace episode “Sweet (and Sour) Charity.”

Eventually Karen and her cherished shoes were reunited, so hopefully the pumps will make an appearance in the new season, which premieres on NBC tonight at 9 p.m.

Watch the episode below.

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