Saying ‘I Do’ With a Shoe: These Creative Marriage Proposals Didn’t Involve Rings

Would you say “I do” to a shoe?

Popularized by Mr. Big proposing to Carrie with a Manolo Blahnik heel in the 2008 “Sex and the City” movie, marriage proposals using shoes have started gaining attention on social media.

Only last week, movie actress Leslie Jones accepted basketball player Dwyane Wade’s hand in marriage after he proposed by holding up a pair of his game-worn court shoes.

“Will you accept my shoes?” Wade asked Jones on the court, who then excitedly gave her assent.

But this strange way of saying “yes” is not reserved for basketball stars and celebrities.

Social media has been abuzz with men getting down on one knee and offering to hold a partner’s shoe for life. Beauty blogger Xiomara Escobar recently posted a picture of her boyfriend proposing to her with a pair of polka dot pumps as they sit together on a garden bench.

Shoe proposals have also been particularly popular in Asia, with numerous South Korean and Japanese Instagram users posting photos of shoes that their significant other gave them with an offer to “walk with me in life.”

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