The Risque Fashion Fad ‘The Haves & the Have Nots’ Star Angela Robinson Wishes She Didn’t Try

When it comes to fashion, Angela Robinson knows there’s something to be said for trying anything once.

“There’s no one word that describes my style — I try to switch it up a lot,” the star of the Oprah Winfrey Network primetime soap opera, “The Haves & the Have Nots,” told FN when the publication caught up with her recently. “I like trendy clothes, fads and classy [items].”

While Veronica Harrington, her character on the Tyler Perry-produced show, is much more apt to stick with a classy vibe, Robinson takes her fair share of fashion risks and has a few awkward-moment stories to show for it.

“When the midriff [look] was happening, I should not have been in that,” she joked. “I think I may have tried it once and my husband said, ‘Wow, you look fine.’ And I believed it — I probably shouldn’t have.”

Nevertheless, the stylish actress’ fashion misses are few and far between.

Here, she talks high-heel obsessions, why she isn’t crazy about designer brands and her go-to comfort label.

On how her personal style differs from her character’s:

“Veronica’s style is very different than mine. She is all about the bling — she likes to flaunt her wealth and wear lots of jewelry. I like a little [subtler] hoop [earring], maybe a choker and that’s it. I’m not into too much bling. I don’t like to wear clothing that flashes designer names — that turns me off big time. If I’m going to advertise for designers, they need to pay me!”

Angela Robinson The Haves and the Have Nots
Angela Robinson for Footwear News. (Shoes by Charles by Charles David.)
CREDIT: George Chinsee

On why she isn’t crazy about high-end designers:

“I have to like it. I don’t want to wear something just because it’s designer. There are certain designers that I wear that some people may have never heard of. If I like it, then [the brand] doesn’t matter to me. I’ll go to H&M or whatever. I love little boutiques and going to shops in little towns.”

On her high-heel obsession:

“I love a good heel. I’m not a big flip-flop person. I’m not big on flats. My entire high school life, I wore heels every day. I like to start [my heels] at 4 or 5 inches. I just love heels!”

On the one comfort brand that gets her to wear a flat:

“If I do wear a flat — it’s going to have a little bling to it. I don’t know why it is, but an Aerosole flat is what I prefer. It’s the comfort — you get that cushioning in [Aerosoles]. A flat that’s hard [will make] you end up with calluses.”

aerosoles sandals shoes
A2 by Aerosoles Glee Chlub embellished thong sandals.

On her go-to shoe styles:

“Everybody should have a neutral-colored mule. And you need a closed-toe style because you’re not always going to be ‘up on it’ when it comes to your pedicure.”

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