Kim Kardashian West Wears Her Version of a Business Suit With Yeezy Heels

We know we’ll never catch Kim Kardashian West wearing a typical business suit, and even when she attended Forbes Women’s Summit on Tuesday, that was no exception.

The star opted for a Jean Paul Gaultier dark pinstripe double-breasted blazer and matching pants. She’s never one to leave home without a little Yeezy somewhere in her outfit — this time it was the beige Yeezy sandals with skimpy straps. These favorite sandals of Kardashian West’s have yet to be released; however, a new Yeezy sneaker will be coming on June 24.

Kim Kardashian West Style Yeezy Heels
Kim Kardashian West wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier blazer and pants with Yeezy sandals.
CREDIT: Splash

Kim Kardashian West Style Yeezy Heels
A look at Kardashian West’s Yeezy sandals.
CREDIT: Splash

Forbes also released its highest-paid-entertainers list this week, and Kardashian West came in at No. 47, earning $45.5 million before taxes in the last 12 months. Kardashian West also announced what is sure to be a huge moneymaker for her this year: a Kim Kardashian West beauty line that will launch on June 21 starting with a face contouring kit. According to Forbes, the line will be produced by Oxnard, Calif.-based Seed Beauty, which also produces Kylie Jenner’s popular makeup line.

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