Why Actress Kiersey Clemons Thinks Comfortable Shoes Are Sexy

Kiersey Clemons is having her fashion moment. The actress is the new ambassador for Culver City, Calif.-based Fashion Major Brands, parent company to Coolway, Coolway Freestyle and Musse & Cloud. The star of “Justice League” (the DC Comics team-up flick due later this year) will appear in ad campaigns and create a capsule collection for the brand.

FN caught up with Clemons at FN Platform in Las Vegas this week to talk style moments, shoes on set and more.

How would you describe your personal style?
“It’s always changing. These days I like to feel sexy. You’re alway sexiest when you’re comfortable. I like a little heel and chunky shoes.”

What drew you to the Coolway brand?
“I really like all of the shoes under the Freestyle line. I also like vintage pieces, so I like Musse & Cloud because they have clogs and mules and they are affordable.”

What are you hoping to achieve as a brand ambassador?
“I’m hoping to bring the label more mainstream. The company has something for everybody. I first met the team at the Sundance Film Festival three years ago and I fell in love with their boots. It’s always nice to come back home.”

Any hints on the capsule collection?
“I don’t really follow trends. I like going in a different direction. We’re going to hit all areas — casual shoes, shoes for going out to dinner, workout gear. I will probably be inspired by vintage looks. I want to accommodate girls that don’t follow trends.”

What are a few fashion moments from film projects that stand out?
“ ‘Justice League’ is coming out this year and I’m excited for fans to meet my character, Iris West, before ‘The Flash’ comes out [in 2018]. When I was working on an indie movie, I brought my own boots. They were these chunky retro over-the-knee and suede boots, and they made me feel like the baddest girl.”

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