Ivanka Trump Brand Reportedly Discontinuing Fine Jewelry Collection

Just days after Donald Trump won the election, the Trump family appeared together on an interview with “60 Minutes.” After the interview aired, Ivanka Trump Collection sent out a media alert identifying Ivanka’s bracelet as “her favorite bangle from the Metropolis Collection.” The shocker? The bracelet retailed for more than $10,000.

The bracelet incident is just one of many conflict of interest issues that have come up since Trump became president. Ahead of his inauguration in January, Ivanka announced she was stepping away from her brand, appointing Abigail Klem as president. The group Grab Your Wallet has encouraged people to boycott retailers that sell Trump branded products and several retailers have dropped the line, but despite that, Ivanka Trump Collection saw a 346 percent gain in orders in February compared to the previous month, according to fashion e-commerce site Lyst.

The boom came just after a controversial endorsement from Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway, who encouraged the American public to “go buy” the first daughter’s “stuff.”

According to a statement provided to Vanity Fair, Klem said the decision was made “as part of our company’s commitment to offering solution-oriented products at accessible price points.”

She continued: “We will be focusing our efforts on existing and new categories that are most relevant to our loyal customers — including fashion jewelry, which successfully launched last fall with price points that are aligned with the rest of our collection.”

Ivanka Trump Collection will still sell its fashion jewelry line, which has a much lower price point than the fine jewelry, which retailed from $400 to $25,000. Ivanka also faced backlash when she wore a $5,000 gown to an event amid protests against President Trump’s travel ban. Still, she’s also been spotted wearing more affordable shoes from the label, including a pair of sandals she wore to the Governors Ball that retail for $78.

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