‘Girls’ Costume Designer Jenn Rogien Talks Shoes & Wardrobe for the Final Season

It’s the end of an era. “Girls” is coming to a close. The HBO show, starring four leading ladies — creator Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet — begins airing its sixth and final season Sunday evening. Costume designer Jenn Rogien said the season stays true to the realistic fashion sense that fans love, while evolving the characters’ looks, too. “The brands are a mix of high and low, vintage, thrift and new,” she said.

Here, Rogien takes Spy through the wardrobe and shoes for one last time.

"Girls" Season 6 Fashion & Shoes
Lena Dunham.
CREDIT: Courtesy of HBO.

Footwear News: How has the fashion changed for the final season?

Jenn Rogien: “The whole look of the show continues to evolve along with the girls. It’s a bit more put together, but that’s never exactly the right way to describe the girls. It keeps up with their lifestyles. There is a reflection of realism people identify with. It’s a fantastic escape from a drama with high fashion.”

"Girls" Season 6 Fashion & Shoes
Jemima Kirke in Season 6 of “Girls.”
CREDIT: Courtesy of HBO.

FN: How has the girls’ style evolved?

JR: “There is a huge change over six seasons. I don’t think it was obvious from season to season, but when I look back at episodes from Season 1, it was such a hodgepodge to start with; it was really kind of all over the place. The clothes still reflect where each girl is, but their circumstances have changed a bit; they have moved through jobs and moved through relationships, and it reflects what they are going through with the clothes.”

"Girls" Season 6 Fashion & Shoes
Allison Williams.
CREDIT: Courtesy of HBO.

FN: Which character went through the biggest style evolution and why?

JR: “They all did, it was at different times. I think Hannah’s [Dunham] is easy to pin down to her turning point at GQ Magazine in Season 3. Shoshanna’s [Mamet] turning point was in Japan, Jessa’s [Kirke] turning point was with her rehab experience and for Marnie [Williams], it was when she pursued music full time. Depending on things that were happening in their lives, we changed directions visually.”

"Girls" Season 6 Fashion & Shoes
Zosia Mamet.
CREDIT: Courtesy of HBO.

FN: Did you ever incorporate the actresses’ personal wardrobes?

JR: “Occasionally, something would inspire us. Lena would see something or my team would see something that worked for the character in that moment. [Our producer] Ericka Naegle spotted a pair of floral-print flatform shoes and sent me them; we paired them with Hannah’s [Dunham] mesh tank-top look.”


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FN: Do you have a favorite fashion moment from the entire series?

JR: “Sometimes, it wasn’t even about the look being great; it was really about what was happening in that episode. One of my favorite things in the show was Hannah’s eardrum T-shirt. It’s a men’s extra-large, graphic shirt and it was so gross, but it was the right thing to tell that story. It was a really powerful moment for me.”

Jenn Rogien and FFANY Trend Collaboration
Jenn Rogien.
CREDIT: Shahar Azran.

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