Chelsea Clinton On Her Scuffed Heels: ‘They’re Really Comfortable’

On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported on Chelsea Clinton’s nude pumps that were a bit scuffed up. As FN pointed out, Clinton clearly has a set of wardrobe staples she looks to for her many appearances — and it works. She wears a bright dress, tops it off with a cardigan and puts on her trusty nude pumps.

Clinton saw the Mail article and talked about it on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” When Fallon asked Clinton how she dealt with all of the scrutiny during her mom Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign last year, she had this to say:

“The scrutiny certainly hasn’t stopped. There was an article that came out today about the fact that I wear the same shoes a lot, which I’m actually wearing again this evening. How dare I wear scuffed shoes?” she said with a laugh.

Clinton continued: “They’re really comfortable. I think this is probably something working women — particularly working women New Yorkers — can empathize with. When you find a good pair of shoes, you just stay with them.”

As for how she handles the scrutiny, she said, “You have to laugh. With everything happening in the world, this is what a newspaper is going to spend ink on?”

Watch Clinton’s appearance below.

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