Chic Parisian Caroline de Maigret Talks Style, Social Media & Shoes

Thursday night, at Paris concept store Colette, cool French girl about town, Caroline de Maigret, hosted a discussion on style. The event formed part of the boutique’s month long Chanel residency where the luxury house launched its Pharrell Williams sneaker collaboration this week.

De Maigret, who has her own style portal, CDM Diary, a partnership with Chanel, describes her look as “classic with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll.” She’s developed her signature over the years, she says, and it generally involves mixing basics with one strong piece. Following the discussion, Footwear News had a private audience with de Maigret where she talked style, social media and shoes.






FN: What was the last thing you liked on Instagram?

CDM: It was a cartoon from the New Yorker. It says “She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s beautiful but she leaves her shoes all over the place.” The New Yorker is brilliant, I’m addicted to the cartoons. They’re so sharp, so funny and so on point. They’re not scared of making waves.

FN: So is it a good description of you? Do you leave your shoes all over the floor?

CDM: Yes, unfortunately. I would love to have a magic wand and be the sort of girl who organizes everything by color. But I’m not. Most of the time I’m screaming “where is my…” [whatever she happens to be looking for.] Fashion to me is fun and a joy but it’s not my whole life.

FN: What was the most recent account you followed?

CDM: This week I started following a lot of foodie accounts but the last restaurant I went to is called Paccio. It’s quite new and near Pigalle by my house. Right now a lot of great chefs who previously assisted famous chefs are opening their own restaurants in the area. And they are really affordable.

FN: What’s your best advice for looking good in a photograph?

CDM: Smiling really helps. It lightens your face and heightens your expression. Also tilt your head up a bit to catch the light.

FN: How should you position your feet?

CDM: I always do the same and I know that because somebody actually wrote a story about how I always stand in the same way. I always have one leg straight and the other bent as it gives a nice shape. Both straight is a bit stiff and both bent would be a bit of a problem.

Caroline de Maigret
Caroline de Maigret
CREDIT: Dominique Maitre

FN: On CDM Diary, you recently featured the Instagram of artist Cindy Sherman who uses filters and makeup apps as an extension of her work. What is your favorite photo app?

CDM: Yes, she’s making fun of the whole system. I love VSCO because its filters look more like photography and where you could go if you had a good camera.

FN: You attended the Chanel resort 2018 show in Chengdu. What style tips can the French take from the Chinese?

CDM: To be less concerned about what other people think. The Chinese are extremely stylish and avant-garde because although they have a really rich history, culturally speaking, they don’t have a strong fashion history so they are really free in mixing whatever they want. It’s a great energy.

FN: What is currently top of your footwear wishlist?

CDM: Chanel has this sandal that looks almost like swimwear with gold and chains on the top. I went to the store but they didn’t have it in my size so I was really ****ed off.

FN: You’re wearing Adidas high-tops today, what is your favorite sneaker label?

CDM: Adidas because they’re cool and relaxed but also have that extra thing that makes them stylish.

FN: Complete the sentence. You know she’s Parisian because…

CDM: Her hair is messed up.

Chanel gold lamé sandals, $1150
Chanel gold lamé sandals, $1150
CREDIT: Chanel

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