Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s NATO-Branded Blue Socks Got a Lot of Attention

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau takes his sock game seriously. So much that he showed off his newest pair for global leaders, who circled around him and tilted their heads to get a close look last week in Brussels at the NATO summit.

They were perfectly branded for the occasion with NATO’s logo.


The 45-year-old had Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel, among other politicians, taking an eyeful of his light blue socks emblazoned with the organization’s emblem.

Trudeau is fond of adding a vibrant style statement to his formal dark suits and dark shoes when he meets with leaders. In fact, on May 4 he enjoyed a chat with his Irish counterpart Enda Kenny while clad in bright mismatched socks featuring “Star Wars” characters on his feet — R2D2 on one side and C3P0 on the other.

Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, socks, canada, star wars, may 4
Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, alongside Irish counterpart Enda Kenny, wears “Star Wars”-themed socks.

Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, socks, canada, star wars, may 4
Detail of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s “Star Wars” socks.

When he recently sat for a meeting with France’s president Emmanuel Macron to talk “jobs, security and climate,” he popped with color from his chair in striped socks.

Trudeau has embraced other patterns and colors, including a pair with skulls and crossbones last year alongside Johann Schneider-ammann, president of the Swiss Confederation. For meetings with President Donald Trump, Prince Harry and President Barack Obama, he opted for sleek dark colors and patterns.

Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, socks, canada,
Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau makes a colorful fashion statement with his socks.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock

Click through the gallery to see more of Justin Trudeau’s sock style.

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