Camila Cabello x Skechers Hi-Lites Ad Campaign Is All About International Inspiration

Camila Cabello has eagerly joined the Skechers team as the face of its new worldwide campaign. The former Fifth Harmony singer filmed a commercial to showcase to international audiences the latest Skechers Hi-Lites collection of Skecher Street.

Cabello dances through the ad in hip, colorful pairs of Skechers sneakers. Her voice-over talks about how locations have importance and “complement my style and give me my beat.” A big fan of the brand, she comments that Skechers are “hip, colorful, stylish and inspired,” all of which Cabello’s own youthful fan base and Skechers’ clientele will respond to. The new Hi-Lite collection will be available this fall.

The commercial, which debuts today, was filmed in both Spanish and English. Creating multiple versions was an important to bilingual Cabello. She embraces her Cuban and Mexican roots, and identifies with Skechers’ international customer base. “It’s so important for me to pay homage to my Cuban/Mexican roots.  My culture is such a huge part of who I am,” Cabello said.

Cabello’s debut solo album, “The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving,” is set for release next month. “I really poured my heart and soul into this album – every part of it is reflected in my life. I wrote about everything that made me feel anything. I pulled a lot of the inspiration from my Latin roots and blended everything sonically to create my own sound,” she said. This debut album draws inspiration from both Spanish and English singers, right in step with Cabello’s Skechers commercial.

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