Brooke Shields Reveals Her Craziest Shoe Modeling Moment

Brooke Shields is an iconic actress and model who has had the chance to wear equally iconic shoes throughout her illustrious career. At the Ace Awards on Aug. 7, she was decked out in an all-white Calvin Klein ensemble from head to toe, looking chic and ready to present the event’s “Sustainability Award” to PVH Corp. On the red carpet, the 52-year-old model shared some of her fondest shoe memories with FN.

Brooke Shields wearsCalvin Kelin sandals at the 21st Annual ACE Awards in New york
Brooke Shields wears white Calvin Klein sandals at the 21st Annual Ace Awards.
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“I have a really beautiful one [pair of shoes] that Giambattista Valli made me in red and black with all encrusted beads and stones and rhinestones and pearls. And it’s just encrusted in all of them and they just are so kick-ass. I mean, I just look at them a lot. I don’t wear them a lot,” said Shields when asked if she has an all-time favorite pair.

It seems not wearing her favorite pair may be to her benefit in the present times. The model also dished on how much of a toll her feet have taken from years of wearing various sizes and styles of shoes due to the demands of work.

“I used to wear shoes that were a size too small — because if you’re working with Steven Meisel or somebody you have to run and you needed them really tight. But I did that for so many years that I absolutely destroyed them [my feet]. Four surgeries later they’ve just been mutated,” said Shields with a laugh.

However, amid the many shoe memories that she’s endured, the “Suddenly Susan” actress recalls one pair that stuck out as the craziest she ever wore.

“I had to wear, for one photo shoot, those ones that Lady Gaga was wearing — without the heel. I had to wear those once and it was all I could do [to stand] — I had to be carried back. I didn’t have it in me” she explained.

Lady Gaga, no heel, Brooke Shields
Lady Gaga wears a pair of heel-less shoes in 2010. The singer has worn the style frequently over the years, as Brooke Shields mentions.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock

Despite any past shoe woes, Shields is excited about the modern-day fashion industry. The actress explained how she feels that individuality among designers is shining through more.

Brooke Shields sits front row at the Calvin Klein Fall Winter 2017 runway show in New York.
Brooke Shields sits front row at the Calvin Klein Fall Winter 2017 runway show in New York.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock

“In this day and age I think people are starting — you see people like Raf [Simons] come up — I think people’s individual voices are now starting to really take many different directions. I don’t feel like it’s as derivative as it was for a while. Everything sort of had to be a cross between ‘this and this’ or only ‘inspired by’ which is fine. But I think now the inspirations are coming from further in the past and I’m feeling like you feel more of the individual designers,” she said.

While Shields is keeping an eye on designers and noting how they express their individuality, she wants to make sure to check off one last thing on her list before summer comes to a close.

“More surfing,” Shields said. “I’ve only gone once this summer, and I’ve decided to get scared again so now I have to do it again,” she adds.

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