Marni Senofonte on Styling Beyoncé and Always Trying to One-Up Each Look

It’s safe to say that the woman behind Beyoncé’s coveted looks, Marni Senofonte, knows a thing or two about style.

So much so that athletic power player Reebok tapped her to be an ambassador for the brand. At a collaborative New York event, the stylist, along with Reebok, hosted a Run ‘N’ Style session in which attendees not only ran in the brand’s Floatride sneaker, but also took styling tips from Marni, herself, to create a fashion-forward look with the shoes.

marni senofonte, beyonces stylist, reebok, floatride
Footwear News created a minimal look with a gray suit, white Floatride sneakers and a turban for the Reebok x Marni Run ‘N’ Style event.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

Attendees both sweated and styled throughout the event which consisted of a run to a studio for a styling session and culminated in a toast and talk with Senofonte at SoHo’s luxurious 11 Howard Hotel rooftop. While chatting, Senofonte — who is also known for styling Kendall Jenner — explained how styling for music varies from other areas.

“Music is ahead of its time. I do believe music is the forefront of fashion trends. I do think we create things and then we see things. I think that music made wearing sneakers with suits cool like who was doing that? Now, businesswomen are doing it. I appreciate everything that’s current. Like sneakers and how it’s evolved into the sock booties,” said Senofonte.

marni senofonte, beyonces stylist, reebok, floatride
A studio full of stylish clothing options to pair with the Floatride awaited attendees at the event.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

Arguably her most famous client, Beyoncé, also came up as Senofonte talked dressing the star for events and making an impact with each and every look. When asked if she tries to one up each of the “Lemonade” singer’s looks, Senofonte explained the importance of doing just that.

“Yes, we always have to one up. There’s never a one down. I’m only a one-upper. Not to the point where it’d be so distracting. But for the formation tour and lemonade, if you look at all the red carpets and all the content that was created there was a very general thread that I was able to pull through the entire project. That’s why it worked. It wasn’t in your face. There wasn’t a poof at every event, there was a little element of where we were. We were in that zone,” she said.

marni senofonte, beyonces stylist, reebok, floatride
Marni Senofonte in the studio at the Reebok Run ‘N’ Style event.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

The stylist also expounded upon creating looks for Beyoncé’s prolific work of arts, especially the conversation-sparking Lemonade album and Formation tour themselves. By threading together the historical context behind such works with modern-day luxury styling, Senofonte created the iconic aesthetic for Lemonade’s visual album.

“I don’t speak for Beyonce and I don’t want to take away her narrative but I knew what the album was about, I knew where we were and  I knew where we were supposed to be in time and I tried to compliment that,” she said.

She continued, “For example, you knew that we were on a plantation in New Orleans. But, you never knew that all the clothing was modern day. I tried to keep it in this place of ‘is it the past or the future.’ Or ‘where are we?’ You’re in Givenchy couture up in a tree. But you thought that could have been a costume. But it was present day. That was important to me to keep the message and bring out what was in her songs.”

reebok, floatride
The Reebok Floatride in a white colorway.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

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