3 Style Tips That’ll Get You Closer to Looking Like Beyoncé

Marni Senofonte, stylist of Beyoncé and Kendall Jenner, spoke with Footwear News at a recent Reebok event, and she revealed some styling hacks everyone should follow.

Marni Senofonte Reebok
Stylist Marni Senofonte wearing Reebok Floatride sneakers at the brand’s Run N’ Style event.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok
1. Be Confident

“It starts with your confidence level. I truly believe that more than anything. If you are confident in what you’re wearing, no matter what you’re wearing, nobody can tell me, ‘You don’t look good.’ I do believe it starts there.”

2. Find a Tailor

“It’s very important to tailor so that it fits you. It’s so easy to go to a dry cleaner and tailor. It sets it apart. We alter every single piece of Kendall Jenner’s clothing because it just looks better. It’s not an insane expense. And I think people are afraid to wear things because it doesn’t fit.”

3. Add Your Own Touch

“Don’t buy something off the rack and think you have to wear it just like that. You can tweak things. You can find your thing and touch, [such as] wearing anklets with everything, finding your sneaker or finding your over-the- knee boot.Look at Mary J. Blige. When you think of her, it’s over-the-knee boots sunglasses, and hoops. That’s it, but that’s iconic.”

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