11 of the Most Fashionable Shows to Stream on Netflix

Your free time this summer will most likely consist of plenty of backyard barbecues along with frequent trips to the beach. We bet you’ll also be catching a whole lot of Netflix and chill time — and no, you don’t need to be ashamed of it. To refresh your queue and add a little bit of style to it, we took the liberty of rounding up the streaming service’s most fashionable TV shows and movies. From the quirky sense of style in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” to the high-fashion documentary “Dior and I” to the new Italian flair of “Master of None,” there’s something for everyone here.

“Pretty Little Liars” (Available July 20) 

For anyone mourning this week’s series finale, luckily every single episode will finally be available as season 7B will be added to the platform to complete the series. We guarantee watching just one or two episodes will give you major fashion inspiration you can’t pass up.

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“Master of None” (Premiered May 12) 

Aziz Ansari took fans to the beautiful small Italian town of Modena, which naturally means he brought his fashion A-game with him. Take note of how much the cast stepped up their style in Europe.

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“Friends” (Available Now) 

A goodie that will never get old. If you’re in need of some throwback ’90s-inspired fashion in your life, let this iconic NYC squad help you out.

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“Dior and I” (Available Now) 

Get an inside look at the iconic Christian Dior high-fashion brand and its creative director, Raf Simons.

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“Glow” (Premiered 6/23) 

A new series, which stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, brings a fresh take of the women’s professional wrestling circuit in the ’80s. You better believe there will be some fierce looks that will definitely make you do a double-take.

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“Mean Girls” (Available Now) 

This is a classic that should always be on deck whenever you can stream it. Attitude aside, the Plastics were a good-looking crew.

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“The First Monday in May” (Available Now) 

Ever wondered what went in to putting the Met Gala together? Well, now you no longer have to wait to find out.

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“The Carrie Diaries” (Available Now) 

As the teenage Carrie Bradshaw, you’ll instantly be obsessed with AnnaSophia Robb’s stylish series. If only it continued on a few more seasons.

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“13 Going on 30” (Available Now) 

Watching Jennifer Garner grow up overnight will really make you think about your future wardrobe.

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“Riverdale” (Available Now) 

Every single character on the show undoubtedly has a unique style that will inspire you.

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“Gossip Girl” (Available Now) 

Reigning from the Upper East Side, Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf alone has enough incredible looks to go around.

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