How Amy Schumer and Her Stylist Leesa Evans Are Helping Women Feel More Confident Through Fashion

Stylist and costume designer Leesa Evans played a huge role in stimulating Amy Schumer’s passion for fashion. The comedian and actress has said that she didn’t always enjoy it — instead, she viewed it as a mandate of her job — until she met the open-minded Evans.

Leesa Evans
Stylist and costume designer Leesa Evans
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Now the duo is working together to make dressing a more exciting concept for all women by launching Stylefund, a charity organization helping women use clothing as a tool to become their best self.

“I always had this philosophy that clothing can really help support us to feel confident and strong,” Evans told Footwear News. “When you have on a great outfit, it makes you feel good. As a result, you have a better day. The idea is: What if we can have that great day every day, and how does clothing help us do that?”

Evans said she helped Schumer fall in love with fashion while working with the actress on “Trainwreck.” “While we were working, she was like, ‘How can we bring this idea to more people and help people?’” Evans said.

Amy Schumer Snatched Premiere
Amy Schumer wearing a custom Antonio Berardi dress and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals at the premiere of “Snatched.”
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So far, Schumer and Evans have teamed up with Goodwill to help women enter the workforce, and the Barneys New York Foundation, but they plan to expand the effort as an overall training platform, first targeting college and high school girls with important messages about confidence and self-love.

“It starts with figuring out which shape makes you as an individual feel confident,” Evans said. “You get the shape, put it into the outfit, which is the silhouette, and you re-create the silhouette in as many ways as you can for as many different versions for what you do in your life, and that becomes your daily uniform.”

The goal is to promote individuality and to understand that clothing can support self-worth. Said Evans, “I have this idea that when we feel good about ourselves we are much kinder people and if  you get enough of those kind people in the world, it could change.”

To donate to the cause, head to stylefund.org.

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