How Keds Is Gaining Ground From Salesforce Commerce Cloud Tool

As brands compete — and falter in many cases — to create the ultimate omnichannel experience, Keds has incorporated multichannel integration seamlessly. One reason behind that: Keds implemented Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud solution in 2014. Since then, the footwear brand said it has experienced 30 percent sustained revenue growth, as well as a 19 percent year-over-year increase in conversion rates.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud aims to craft frictionless shopper experiences across channels and convert customers at every touch point. AI-fueled personalized shopping journeys, the opportunity to connect with more customers and encouraging streamlined operations are just a few highlights of its mission.

Keds’ chief marketing officer, Emily Culp, confirmed that the platform has benefited Keds in many ways. For example, the cloud has been particularly instrumental in speeding things up. “Salesforce has enabled us with speed-to-market via updating content and products faster,” she explained. “This is key to winning with today’s consumer, who wants to see the newest story on any device she wants.”

Specifically, Culp pointed out how quickly her team was able to re-merchandise several pages on its website in relation to Keds’ partnership with a Major League Baseball team due to access of the Salesforce tool. Similarly, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud was especially helpful when launching Keds’ recently released Studio shoe collection. “The first place we launched it was on Keds.com, and the reason we did that is that we now have an unbelievable treasure trove of access to consumer data,” Culp said.

She added that the Salesforce tool has also allowed Keds to test which of the new products in its Studio line customers prefer, and quickly optimize storytelling on the site based on those preferences. “It goes back to the Salesforce tool that we could quickly do all of that, optimize it and have unbelievable sell-through as a result,” Culp said.

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