How to Provide Assistance to Hurricane Harvey Victims Through Soles4Souls

The impact of Hurricane Harvey is ongoing, but the shoe industry has already stepped up to offer aid.

In addition to efforts under way by the Two Ten Footwear Foundation, Soles4Souls is preparing a response effort to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, the tropical storm that has brought disastrous flooding to Texas.

The organization is working with partners on the ground to provide critical resources, in the way of new shoes and clothing, to those in need today and in the months to come. Soles4Souls is actively collecting and seeking donated product from retailers and manufacturers to provide relief and is making plans to mobilize donations to affected areas within the next two weeks.

Soles4Souls is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., and helps create sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. Since 2006, it has distributed more than 30 million pairs of shoes in 127 countries.

Requests include the following product categories: athletic shoes; men’s and women’s work-appropriate footwear; rain boots and attire; warm weather apparel.

Soles4Souls donations can be arranged through Pattie Graben, director of corporate development, at 615-541-7007. Or through pattieg@soles4souls.org.

The organization has also set up a fund to help move product to affected areas. Donations can be made to the Hurricane Harvey Fund here.

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