How One Pinterest-Integrated Website Could Change Shopping

Consumers want things faster than ever before — and savvier retailers are challenging themselves to keep up. Recently launched Pinterest-integrated shopping website Everystore, a division of PicClick LLC, does just that, offering a quick and easy take on shopping for footwear. From Nike and New Balance to Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik, the site brings thousands of brands and retailers together.

Everystore intends to take the uncertainty out of digital shopping by providing customers with robust product information. Through the site, shoppers can create wish lists and personalized fashion feeds, and this information is updated daily with details on price, promotion and availability.

Items on the site also showcase trend details, such as the item’s time on market, its popularity, price comparisons and more. The result of these features, according to Ryan Sit, CEO of PicClick, is an improved online shopping experience.

The enhanced customer experience also relates to the platform’s advanced technology, including a visual search, which allows customers to see more products in less time, as well as a proprietary algorithm using artificial intelligence and computer vision. The algorithm lets the user retrieve over 25 ranked items similar to those searched, ensuring optimal product recommendations.

“The most valuable aspect of this algorithm for brands is, we prioritize finding the same item from other stores first, then prioritize showing more similar items from the same brand next,” Sit said. “As such, the shopper is sure to find the best place to buy the item they are looking for, and if it is sold out, we suggest many other great styles from the same brand.”

Everystore can help promote brand visibility, as the site provides a single destination where a label is optimized for SEO across all stores, and shoppers are directed to the best stores to purchase from. Consequently, this platform is not just a tool for consumers — it can be of great benefit to brands, too.

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