Why One Retailer Uses Robotic Video to Engage Audiences

Fashion photography and videography have long been paramount to the footwear industry, but retailers are now taking an especially innovative turn to show off their latest collections. Case in point: StyleShoots. The technology company that provides imaging solutions for fashion e-commerce firms recently announced that Italian sportswear retailer Maxi Sport uses StyleShoots Live — a robotic video and photo studio, which the company said is the world’s first.

A spokesperson from StyleShoots explained that StyleShoots Live can be described as an “all-in-one” robotic studio, enabling users to shoot on-model videos and stills more quickly than more standard methods.

“We sell more than 30,000 products both in-store and online and shoot up to 100 products a day. Being an omnichannel retailer, we need to change our assortment very quickly,” said Ester Sala, head of marketing at Maxi Sport. “It’s important to be able to shoot products as fast as possible so we can get them in front of customers. With StyleShoots Live, the time to market is much shorter.”

The solution allows Maxi Sport to shoot videos of models wearing the newest collections, the machine’s ‘style engine’ enables a user to make videos that are edited automatically (according to customizable presets), and both stills and videos of models can be shot in the same set — meaning the needs to color match or to have various sets for images and video are eliminated.

Anders Jorgensen, head of product and marketing at StyleShoots, explained that his team developed StyleShoots Live because they understood the need to simplify all of the technical aspects of traditionally fast-paced model shoots. “Brands like Maxi Sport need to not only create more content, they should be able to do it faster and more easily,” he said. “Video gives brands the possibility to consistently engage their audiences better on all channels.”

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