Why Email Marketing Still Matters for Retailers

Nestled in Lancaster County, Pa., resides the unlikely headquarters of Listrak: a digital marketing company set in a new, industrial-style office that specializes in automation tools for maximum consumer engagement.

The company provides a customer-centric, personalized multichannel experience that aims to drive revenue and growth for retailers while helping build relationships with their customers.

E-mail marketing, specifically, has come a long way since CEO Ross Kramer first started working on a web-hosting business in his dorm room at Penn State, but the channel’s evolution does not mean it has lost relevancy. “It is still an effective and efficient mode of marketing for the market that we serve,” he confirmed.

The CEO attributed the opportunity for brands and retailers to tell their stories in full format (as opposed to being limited by the constraints of a banner ad on a website, for example) as one reason for that success. Brands are increasingly looking to sell direct to their consumers, Kramer added, and e-mail marketing — where a brand can reach millions of inboxes — is a way for them to tell their story in a cost-effective manner.

The company’s reach has also extended into the omnichannel experience, SMS and artificial intelligence. The continued result of these efforts will be even more personalized recommendations over time, with a focus on reaching customers at just the right time and place.

“We’re helping marketers sit in the pilot’s seat,” explained Tawnya Amdor, chief strategy officer. “We give them the dashboard and tools through the different channels to pull the levers that make sense in a given time frame or in certain consumer segments. That allows them to be [more] effective and get from one destination to the next.”

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