Why Nordstrom Might Be Benefiting From Donald Trump’s Twitter Attack

It’s been two days since President Trump blasted Nordstrom on Twitter, but the department store continues to rack up plenty of buzz.

That’s likely good news for Nordstrom, which could see an uptick in traffic and sales from all of the attention it’s getting. Trump lashed out at the retailer for dropping his daughter’s Ivanka Trump collection. (Nordstrom said the move was a business decision and not a political one.)

“I would think that the buzz around Nordstrom creates some curiosity in the mind of the consumer and perhaps that will result in a little more traffic,” said Jeff Van Sinderen, B. Riley & Co. LLC industry analyst. “Politics notwithstanding, one could argue that all this buzz is like free advertising.  Suggestion can be a powerful thing, and the buzz just brings Nordstrom to the front of the consumer’s mind.  Nordstrom is one of the greatest retailers on the planet, and I suspect they will use the attention to their advantage.”

The situation has sparked much debate on social media, with a number of celebrities taking to Instagram to show their support for Nordstrom.

Still, some Ivanka Trump fans are disappointed in the retailer’s action and are using the #boycottnordstrom hashtag on social media to express their displeasure.

The Trump administration is also helping keep the retailer top of mind. Kellyanne Conway, the president’s trusted White House counselor, stunned many political observers on Thursday after she encouraged people to go buy Ivanka Trump’s product. Now some members of Congress are asking for an ethics review, which is sure to keep Nordstrom in the spotlight for several more days.

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