Why Sales Training and Management Is Key to a Retailer’s Success

The National Shoe Retailers Association kicked off FN Platform in Las Vegas on Monday with a series of seminars focused on retail sales training and retail management consulting.

For brick-and-mortar stores looking to increase sales, consulting company The Friedman Group has some tips — and it’s all about the experience and accountability.

“[Retail] is no longer about customer service,” said Friedman Group executive Wendi Swanson. “It’s about experience and seamlessness. Those doing it well are seeing sales increases.”

With the retail landscape dramatically changing, Swanson added that there is a narrow window to not only make a sale, but to create customer loyalty. And authenticity is key. For sales-floor employees, successful selling tactics doesn’t come from following a script or strict technique. Behaviors need to be personal and genuine.

It’s also important to provide employees with sales accountability, according to Swanson. She explained that the success of a business rests on having a minimum sales performance: “Training without sales accountability is futile.”

“Employees making sales is a return on your payroll investment,” continued Swanson, noting solely one substandard producer can cost a store $100,000 per year.

To keep workers on a positive path in sales, tracking stats is key while also developing performance metrics and accountability standards.

Stay tuned for more updates from FN Platform.

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