How Retailers Can Win the Holiday Season

Move over, flip-flops. Holiday shopping is just around the corner. Jonathan Cherki, CEO of user experience optimization platform ContentSquare, explained what this year’s back-to-school results (see the company’s recent report here) suggest for holiday.

ContentSquare’s report provided some great tips for retailers. What tips might you add for holiday?

Jonathan Cherki: “Listen — digitally — to your customers, learn what their will and intent is, and react to them quickly. If you target Generation Z consumers, who are becoming critical players in online shopping, know they are looking for authenticity, seamless customer journeys and digital experiences beyond the ordinary.”

What else should retailers keep in mind?

“One of the most important things retailers need to focus on is creating a simple, clear and engaging mobile-first digital experience. Traffic on mobile is growing exponentially, but mobile conversions are not. While people prospect on mobile, they still go to desktop to convert. This is because while mobile is the device of choice for shoppers, many retailers still do not offer the correct experience on mobile, which makes it hard to check out and complete a purchase.”

What is the most challenging part of holiday, and how might retailers combat this?

“The most challenging part for digital retailers is converting their visitors. In a brick-and-mortar, approximately 20 percent of the people who walk in will buy something. In digital stores, that number drops to less than 3 percent. To combat this, retailers must understand not only what visitors are doing on their digital platforms, but how they are behaving — and why. Retailers must understand why a visitor decides to buy or to bounce, where they are becoming frustrated and where the gaps are between the experience retailers think they are providing versus the actual experience visitors are having.”

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