Nordstrom Got Roasted Over Gucci’s Edgy $1,200 Sock Sandal — And Responded in the Best Way

Gucci’s Ilse sock sandal is a look that is not intended for the shy type.

The luxury label’s quirky shoe ignited a torrent of comments on Twitter and in the review section of the Nordstrom website after some social media users slammed the sock-with-sandals style after seeing it on nordstrom.com.

Gucci Ilse Sock Sandal nordstrom
Gucci’s spring 2017 Ilse sock sandal; $1,190; nordstrom.com.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom.

The footwear incorporates a latex sock under the patent-leather sandal, which has a four-inch stiletto heel. When viewed on Nordstrom’s site, however, the image— a flesh-toned sock under a glossy red leather sandal — resembled a severed foot.

“Ummmmm…….what? Is this serious?” one Twitter user wrote.

But Nordstrom responded to another user with a show of support for the fashion-forward look.

“Dear my beloved @Nordstrom + @gucci,” a Twitter user began, “r u drunk?”

Without missing a beat, the retailer’s official social media account responded one minute later: “No, silly! It’s not even 8am,” tweeted Nordstrom.

The shoe retails for $1,190 on the brand’s website and is currently available for pre-order.

The mockery continued on nordstrom.com’s reviews section, but the biting comments were later removed.

“These Sock Sandals SAVED MY LIFE!” read one review. “You see, my feet have agoraphobia and every time I leave the house, if they aren’t covered up they writhe in nervous agony. I had to wear socks with my sandals and I was mocked incessantly. Then I found these gems! Now I can wear sandals AND cover my feet from the awful scenes of society. They remain hidden, safe, and none the wiser that they are actually in the midst of the plagues of the outdoors.”

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