Almost Half of All Americans Plan to Camp Out for Black Friday Deals This Year

Even as department stores struggle and people turn increasingly online for their shopping, Black Friday popularity shows little sign of winding down.

In total, 79 percent of Americans said they plan to go shopping on Black Friday, while 44 percent said that they even plan to camp out for the best deals, a national survey of adults and teens by shopping portal Ebates found.

In a sign of the digital times, 22 percent of the people surveyed said that they plan to start shopping online right after Thanksgiving dinner, while 23 percent said they will wait until actual Black Friday to start buying online. Twenty-five percent of Americans said that they will shop exclusively online, 20 percent said that they will shop exclusively in-store, while 36 percent said they will shop both online and in-store.

black friday
Shoppers taking part in Black Friday sales.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

While tech gadgets such as mobile phones and TVs remained the most popular Black Friday shopping purchases, 51 percent of the women surveyed also said that clothes and footwear are their primary purchase choice during the day of sales.

But even with such high numbers of people looking for deals, it seems more and more people are opting to save the shopping for the day after Thanksgiving. This year, a National Retail Federation study found that only 29 million American adults went shopping on Thanksgiving Day in 2016, down from 34.6 million in 2015.

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