Amazon Plans to Make Its Own Athleisure Brand — The World of Leggings and Running Shoes

Amazon is the next major company to branch out into the world of leggings and running shoes.

While the latest initiative has not yet been announced to the public, people familiar with the company told Bloomberg that Amazon is currently testing a potential private-label sportswear line. One source also revealed that the company is working with Makalot Industrial and Eclat Textile, two Taiwanese companies that produced clothes for Uniqlo, Lululemon, and The Gap.

The move to branch out into private labels has been embraced by Amazon as a business strategy, with the company now having 34 in-house brands. Sportswear, and clothing that can be worn both at the gym and on the street in particular, has exploded on the market in the last five years.

While no contracts have been signed, Amazon is already testing out different types of athletic garments, according to Bloomberg’s sources. Despite the uncertainty about when and what Amazon plans to release the athleisure label, the news of the potential venture has already made its ripples in the industry — some analysts predicted that Amazon’s low prices could cause amped up competition in an already over-saturated activewear industry while Bloomberg reported that shares for Lululemon, Nike and Under Armour fell as soon as the news of the potential Amazon line hit.

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