Amazon Key Will Let Packages Be Delivered Inside Your Home

Would you let delivery workers inside your home when you’re not there?

On Wednesday, Amazon announced plans to launch Amazon Key, in which Prime members can ask for packages to be dropped off indoors.

The service, which comes with a kit including a security camera and a compatible smart lock, will launch on Nov. 8 and cost $249.99 including installation. Operating mainly as the service’s hub, the Cloud Cam receives information about the courier’s deliveries and, after the bar code on the package has been scanned, unlocks and later locks the door.

The delivery workers receive prompts to enter the home through apps on their phones and do not have access to individual codes or keys. The entire procedure is monitored on the camera, with customers notified when the delivery person has left.

According to Amazon, the service will offer additional security to people who worry about packages being left outside and could eventually be used for actions like letting pet sitters or cleaning workers inside as well. But while Amazon vouches that the procedure offers both security and minimum invasiveness, it remains to be seen whether customers will trust the retail giant enough to let it bring strangers into their homes.

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