Amazon Gives a Very Early Start to Black Friday With Monthlong Shopping Event

Black Friday seems to start sooner and sooner each year — in some cases almost a month in advance.

Three weeks before the actual event hits the stores, Amazon has started offering product discounts and deals. On Nov. 1, Amazon launched its Black Friday Store, an online shop featuring daily sales until Nov. 24. The e-shop’s homepage features new lists of discounted items every day, with the biggest drops happening in categories such as electronics, home appliances and clothes.

This year, the e-commerce giant will also be launching a digital-reality shopping feature that lets consumers view how larger appliances such as stoves and refrigerators would look inside their homes.

black friday shopping thanksgiving
Shoppers line up at a department store on Thanksgiving Day.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

On Thursday, Amazon offered discounts on the Amazon Echo Dot, a home theater package and copies of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” That said, the company still expects its biggest surge of traffic to come closer to the actual Black Friday — and so it may offer even more deals with time.

“Countdown to Black Friday” will be open for browsing until the last hours of Nov. 24. Along with an overall rise in online shopping, companies’ focus on online campaigns have been transforming the shopping day from rushing through stores into an event that often takes place online.

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