Why Social Media Users Are Engaging With Adidas, Nike — but Under Armour Trails Behind

In a complex retail landscape, it’s more important than ever for brands to be aware of how they’re measuring up against the competition. ShareIQ, a platform focused on visual content performance for brands, recently launched a suite of analytics tools — dubbed ShareIQ Competitive Analytics — that aims to offer its customers rich performance analysis.

ShareIQ Competitive Analytics provides brands with insights regarding content performance within their specific industry category — the information gleaned from these tools stands to extend substantial benefits to marketers. Among them: analysis of engagement with visual content across social media platforms, the benchmarking of comparative brand performance against competitors and customizable histograms that track content performance.

In its analysis of the sneaker and sports apparel category for September 2017, ShareIQ Competitive Analytics results revealed that Adidas is performing well overall, while Under Armour has been faltering despite its efforts to maximize on influencer and celebrity collaborations, like its recent line with basketball superstar Steph Curry.

According to the results, the latter brand has struggled of late to get engagement across the web as well as on social media channels. For comparison, Under Armour’s main Instagram profile touts 3.7 million followers to Nike’s 74.7 million and Adidas’ 16.7 million followers on the channel.

“It seems that Adidas and Nike are really outmarketing Under Armour,” said Jonathan Gardner, director of marketing at ShareIQ. Gardner pointed out that, for example, while Tumblr is not as relevant in regard to engagement as it once was (the tool of choice is now Instagram, he explained), Under Armour’s minimal recent presence on the platform has left the territory to be leveraged by Nike and Adidas.

Gardner added that the Instagram and Pinterest interaction spikes that can be seen via the tools emphasize the importance of these analyses, showcasing how brand marketing activities affect activities across all channels.

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