The Secret to Puma’s and Toms’ Social Media Success

In a world where shoppers are seemingly glued to their mobile devices, it’s generally agreed upon that social media channels are of paramount importance in today’s unstable retail market. But according to a spokesperson from digital commerce consultancy firm Sumo Heavy, few brands are taking advantage of the individual strengths — and opportunities — unique to each channel.

Accordingly, the firm created an infographic that illustrates the distinct social media platforms and determined the best, specific strategies catered to each social venue for brands to consider. Reflecting on it, Bart Mroz, co-founder and CEO of Sumo Heavy, explained it’s pivotal for brands to pay attention — almost one-third of online shoppers said they use social channels to browse for new items.

“When it comes to footwear brands, and retailers specifically, a cohesive social media approach allows for real-time marketing that increases sales and engages customers,” he said. “But before putting a social media strategy into action, they need to keep in mind the differences in behaviors and demographics of each audience on each platform.”

He urged footwear brands to first identify the appropriate platforms best suited for reaching their target audiences. “Brands should be leveraging visually rich platforms like Instagram to best showcase their product line. However, if they want to implement interactive content with a younger audience, Snapchat should also be used,” he said. Mroz noted that interactive features like geo-tag or lenses are a smart way to boost brand exposure and engage with customers.

As for footwear brands getting it right so far, Mroz pointed to Puma and Toms Shoes. “Puma uses social media to build the brand and drive awareness around big product and campaign launches,” he said. “And last year, one social media campaign by Toms engaged more than 3.5 million people on all social media channels — and resulted in 27,435 shoes donated to children worldwide.”

Sumo Heavy infographic

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