FN Power 100: Meet the Directionals

Footwear News‘ Power 100 list highlights the year’s most accomplished executives and design talents. Here, we recognize the creative forces who are defining where the market goes next.

Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt

Co-founders, Malone Souliers

Ryan and Adam Goldston

Co-founders, Athletic Propulsion Labs

Flavio Girolami and Prathan Poopat

Co-founders, Common Projects

Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio

Co-founders, Attico

Jennifer Chamandi

Founder and designer, Jennifer Chamandi

Samuele Failli

Founder and designer, Samuele Failli

Matthew Chevallard

Founder and designer, Del Toro

Sarah Jessica Parker

Founder and designer, SJP Collection

Rupert Sanderson

Founder and designer, Rupert Sanderson

Louis Leeman and Erica Pelosini

Co-founders, Louis Leeman

Chloe Gosselin

Founder and designer, Chloe Gosselin

Isa Tapia

Founder and designer, Isa Tapia

Aurora James

Founder and designer, Brother Vellies

Nicoló Beretta,

founder and designer, Giannico

Alan Buanne and Vanissa Antonious,

co-founders, Neous

Olgana Djanguirov,

founder and designer, Olgana Paris

Albin Johansson and Max Svärdh,

founders, Axel Arigato

Laurence Dacade,

founder and designer, Laurence Dacade

Paula Cademartori,

founder and designer, Paula Cademartori

François du Chastel,

founder and designer, Chatelles Slippers

Alexia Aubert,

founder and designer, Solovière

Amélie Pichard,

founder and designer, Amélie Pichard

Dora Teymur,

founder and designer, Dora Teymur

Alexa Chung,

founder and creative director, Alexachung

Sarah Flint,

founder and designer, Sarah Flint

Alessandra Dell’Acqua,

founder and designer, No. 21

Francesco Russo,

founder and designer, Francesco Russo


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