Fashion Power Players Make Time’s List Of Most Influential People On The Internet

On Wednesday, Time named its 30 Most Influential People On The Internet this year. It’s no surprise that the king and queen of Twitter—Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West—made the list.

The couple boasts 62 million Twitter followers between them. West keeps fans on their toes with his sometimes controversial rants about everything from his $52 million debt, to Kylie Jenner’s deal with Puma to his take on the fashion world.

Of course at FN we listen up when West has something to say about Adidas and Yeezy. Recently, he said that Adidas would be making a million Yeezys this year and opening new factories. He also said that they’re working to improve the quality of the line but at half the price.

DJ Khaled also made the list, mostly thanks to his newfound Snapchat fame—he has more than 20 million followers on the platform. Khaled is also a sneakerhead, boasting tons of Jordans and Yeezys in his closet.

DJ Khaled Nike Air Jordan 5
DJ Khaled on stage in 2015 wearing Supreme Air Jordan 5 sneakers.
CREDIT: Getty Images.
DJ Khaled 2016 Grammy Awards
DJ Khaled paired his tux with black Yeezy Boost 750s at the Grammy Awards.
CREDIT: AP Images.

Even the California teen duo behind the Damn Daniel phenomenon made the list. Josh Holz filmed his friend Daniel Lara’s outfit on Snapchat daily, always saying “Damn, Daniel,” in the video. The videos went viral and the two appeared on “Ellen” and Lara was given a lifetime supply of his signature shoe, Vans. He then donated the shoes to a children’s hospital.


Other influencers include Caitlyn Jenner, James Corden, Donald Trump, Cristiano Ronaldo and more. See Time’s full list of internet influencers here.

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