Footwear Powerplayers Sound Off On Carol Baiocchi’s Career

Shoe executives share their thoughts on Baiocchi’s accomplishments in both business and philanthropy.

Susan Itzkowitz — President, Marc Fisher Footwear
“What I remember most about working with Carol is when we found ourselves in a situation where we didn’t know what to do, we’d come up with a solution together. Sometimes two heads are better than one.”

Gene McCarthy — CEO & President, Asics America Corp.
“Through her dedication and passion for Two ten, Carol helped the organization transcend industries. It’s a clear illustration of how she continues to raise the bar. Through her uncanny dedication, she cultivated an environment where she ensured board members cared even more about the organization. When I was approached to be on the board of Two Ten, I was so honored and humbled. Knowing how much Two Ten means to her made the invitation even more attractive. It has truly been a pleasure working with carol, and I wish her all the best in retirement.”

Joe Ouaknine — CEO, Titan Industries
“Carol was the co-chair at Two ten when she recruited me. For the last 12 years or so that I have been on that board, Carol has always been vocal and very involved. She is without a doubt a pillar of the foundation. If there were a hall of fame at Two Ten, she would definitely be in it. Actually, she is — if you consider getting the A.A. Bloom Award [named for the Two Ten founder].”

Carol Baiocchi
Baiocchi accepting the A.A. Bloom Award in 2012.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Two Ten.

Libby Edelman — SVP, Sam Edelman
“She’s been a friend forever. She is so smart. She’s exposed to so many brands and shoes and fashion every season, but she knows how to take it all in and be objective and thoughtful in all her processes and conversations with us.”

Greg Tunney — President & CEO, R.G. Barry
“I started working with Carol 20 years ago, when she was at Macy’s West in San Francisco. At the time, I was the VP of sales at Naturalizer. The brand was getting ready for a major relaunch and had not been in Macy’s for nearly a decade. With the opening of the new shoe floor at the flagship store in downtown San Francisco, it was critical that Naturalizer had a prominent position on the floor. Carol gave us the support we needed, and it ended up being a major launching point for the entire brand throughout Macy’s. I will always be grateful for Carol’s support and leadership at the time. When I joined the board at Two Ten over 10 years ago, Carol was instrumental in helping bring Two Ten back to life.”

Neal Newman — President, Two Ten Footwear Foundation
“There isn’t a space since I’ve arrived that she hasn’t touched intimately and directly. She opens doors and wears the T-shirt and speaks for and on behalf of the group. She’s big-hearted and genuine. When we talked about her retirement and what her next plans were, the first thing she said to me was that she didn’t want to leave the [Two Ten] board. That’s where she was coming from, and as much as her life is going to change, this is a space where she is committed.”

Beverly Goldberg — VP, Florsheim
“Carol is always fair, has high integrity and is gracious in everything that she does. She always cares about people first. Even in business, it’s people first. That is so representative of her work with Two Ten. When she was chairman of the board, she had a vision for the organization and started implementing it. She has been a wonderful voice, both through WIFI and her mentoring.”

Blake Krueger — Chairman & CEO, Wolverine World Wide
“She is universally considered one of the pillars of our industry, and has always demonstrated great merchandising insight and operate with a keen sense of what her consumers want. This has become a rare commodity in today’s retail landscape, where computer-generated reports often take precedent over intimate, frontline knowledge of the consumer.”

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