Sarah Jessica Parker & Louise Camuto Among Outstanding Mother Awards Honorees

This year’s Outstanding Mother Awards will honor four women who, according to the National Mother’s Day Committee, have mastered a healthy balance between work and family.

On Thursday at The Pierre Hotel in New York, the 38th Annual Outstanding Mother Awards will recognize actress, producer and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, Camuto Group creative director Louise Camuto, inventor and president of Ingenious Designs LLC Joy Mangano and Nordstrom Inc.’s EVP and GM of beauty Gemma Lionello.

We are thrilled to celebrate these exceptional women as our 2016 Outstanding Mother Honorees,” said Laurie Dowley, chairman of the National Mother’s Day Committee, in a release Monday. “Learning from strong women before them, prioritizing family and pursuing careers they truly enjoy were common themes among all honorees this year. These are valuable lessons from which all women and mothers can benefit. Congratulations to these well-deserving women and role models.”

Ahead of Thursday’s award ceremony, the National Mother’s Day Committee asked the honorees to dish on the secrets to creating successful work-life balance.

Here’s what they had to say.

Sarah Jessica Parker

“I can think of no one who has made a stronger impression or has been more influential than my own mother. My mother was industrious, motivated, ambitious and dedicated to a full and rich life for us that had little to do with money and much to do with books, music, culture, curiosity and imagination. She instilled in us a sort of resilience and independence that I rely upon every day in my grown-up life.”

Louise Camuto

“The most important lesson in life I try to teach my son and stepchildren is that you need to come home happy each day. I have always taught them that in order to succeed in life, you must love and be passionate about what you do.”

Joy Mangano

“My family will be the first to tell you that I don’t approach my work and family life separately, I blend everything. I’ve always made sure that we stay by each other’s side every step of the way, and that is the most important lesson I’ve tried to instill in my children over the years.”

Gemma Lionello

“Don’t feel like you need to follow a certain example; do what is right for your family and situation. Give yourself permission to make mistakes — it’s OK. Your kids know they are loved and will learn and grow from watching you accomplish and realize your dreams both at work and at home.”

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