What It’s Really Like To Work For Sarah Jessica Parker

In this week’s cover story, shoe queen Sarah Jessica Parker is candid about her approach to business and being a boss. Here are some key excerpts from the conversation:

Let’s talk about SJP the boss. How would you describe your leadership style?
SJP: Look, I’m an atom splitter. I’m tireless. I want and expect everyone else to approach the work in the same way. I hope I have patience, listen and that ideas from other members of this team are felt as welcome as my own. I hope I am conveying that their contributions are really important. I’m exacting, but enormously appreciative of everything everyone does.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker shot in her SJP Collection headquarters in NYC.
CREDIT: Silja Magg.

How do you approach criticism and feedback?
SJP: I don’t think it does anybody any good to lessen my standards. We should always reach far past mediocrity. We need to be accountable to each other, the business and to the opportunities we’ve been given by retailers. Every single person who has offered up their hard-earned dollars for our shoes, we better be freaking deserving of it.

Is this similar to how you approach your work as an executive producer?
SJP: If we want to grow as a brand, we have to think of every unthought-of opportunity. For me, it’s the same [philosophy] as my world in television and film: There is so much content, so what makes us the reason to stop? We have to be arresting enough. It’s the same in the shoe category. There was no need for another shoe brand. Why are we necessary? We have to be following up with our retailers, answering every question and every single person on Instagram.

Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes
Sarah Jessica Parker shot in her SJP Collection headquarters in NYC.
CREDIT: Silja Magg.
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