Shoe Designers Share Their Thoughts On International Women’s Day

Today marks International Women’s Day, an event celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women globally while also serving as a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

The footwear community boasts many women whose impact in the industry is gaining momentum, particularly when it comes to the creative side of the business. Here, female designers weigh in on their successes and contributions to promoting the role of women in the fashion industry.

Sarah Flint
Designer Sarah Flint.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Sarah Flint.

Sarah Flint, founder and designer, Sarah Flint:

“I feel it’s so important to be a female voice in this industry because I design shoes for women. I create shoes that are sexy and wearable at the same time, filling a void in my own closet. As a female designer, I know what makes me feel my best, and I am extremely focused on what other women really want and need in their everyday lives. I want to use my position to make my customers feel confident and beautiful as they live their own lives.”

Rebecca Minkoff, founder and designer, Rebecca Minkoff:

“I’m the only female designer with a global brand [where I’m] the same age and sex of the consumer. [As] a millennial, I know [their] experiences because I have them. I’m going through what they’re going through. Today, there’s an imbalance of [male designers] who are more famous than women designers. I’d like that to change, and I think it starts with [women being] more vocal. There needs to be more of a banding together of female designers helping each other. It’s about becoming a community rather than [being one]. It’s talking about our struggles, advising each other and cheering each other on.”

Rachel Carmi
Rachel Carmi, designer for Bernie Mev.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Bernie Mev.

Rachel Carmi, designer, Bernie Mev

“As a woman, I incorporate my femininity into my product. I never try to neutralize my gender — rather, I embrace it. I am my own best customer. As a full-time working mother, I know what I want in a shoe — a balance of style and comfort that all women can enjoy. I create product that embodies the spirit of womanhood with its resilience, elegance and empowerment.”




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