Woman Makes Shoes Out of McDonald’s Bags After Girls’ Night Out — And Image Goes Viral

Faced with aching feet and an appetite on Friday, a weary woman knew exactly what to do after a girls’ night out took its toll.

The unidentified U.K. woman popped into a McDonald’s in Cardiff, Wales, and walked out with a bag to-go in one hand, and her high heels in the other. Call it ingenuity at its finest: While her companions are seen tucking into the meal with both of their hands full of food, she repurposed their bags from the fast-food joint as makeshift shoes to protect her bare feet.

McDonald's Paper Bag Shoes
A woman holds high heels in her hand and protects her bare feet with McDonald’s carryout bags after a night of revelry.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock.

Indeed, she found extra value in her meal — and won over the interwebs with her carefree demeanor.

The image has gone viral and attracted more than 200,000 views on the popular photo-sharing network Imgur.com, among other social media platforms.

She celebrated Britain’s “Mad Friday” (also “Black Eye Friday”) — a hard partying night of revelry that falls on the last day of work for some people ahead of Christmas Day.

McDonald's Paper Bag Shoes
A woman protects her bare feet with McDonald’s carryout bags after a night of revelry.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock.

Called a “hero” by some netizens, she was praised for putting her comfort over her pride.

For the occasion, she had on a pair of pointed-toe green pumps embellished with glitter detail, and teamed the shoes with a black dress.

“She’s smarter than the girls that run around Toronto completely barefoot at least this would keep your feet cleaner!” a commenter wrote on Imgur.com. “I’m lovin it,” another reader responded — a reference to the restaurant’s slogan.

Health experts have warned that going barefoot on a variety of public surfaces, including airports and streets, can put someone at risk for attracting fungus, a virus, staph or E. coli.

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