Versatile Sock Options For Summer’s Hottest Women’s Shoe Styles

It’s barefoot season. But for those who may shy away from sandals due to foot or modesty issues, there are some fun, fashionable closed-up footnotes to fall back on.

Ballet flats and moccasins are versatile silhouettes that look their best worn sockless and work with everything from casual dresses to ankle-skimming trousers. However, they can come with their share of comfort challenges. Soaring temperatures inside a shoe, coupled with friction at the toes and heels, can cause blisters, among other foot problems. But, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on these styles completely. Instead, try a pair of sock liners or footies for some added protection.

Hue's cotton sock liner
Hue’s no-show cotton mesh sock liner.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Just because these socks are hidden inside the shoe doesn’t mean you sacrifice on style. There are “barely there” looks in skin-tone colors and novelty patterns. Hue does a cotton mesh liner with silicone at the back to ensure the liner stays up, while Sof Sole does its version in lightweight nylon and spandex in a range of sherbet-inspired colors. Hot Sox keeps it neutral with footliners done in lightweight stretch microfiber.

Hot Sox footliners
Hot Sox neutral colored foot liners.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Barenecessites.com

Here’s a tip when it comes to washing care. Soak them in the sink with some mild detergent because they can easily do a disappearing act when thrown in the wash with bigger items.






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