Metallic Slip-Resistant Shoes For At-Home Chefs

Fashion and function come together this fall with kitchen-friendly slip-resistant styles that pick up touches of shiny silver.

As the ranks of female celebrity chefs swell, these culinary artists are just as concerned with their personal style as they are with their signature dishes. But staying safe during food preparation shouldn’t strictly be the concern of professionals. Home cooks run similar risks when it comes to spills, creating a setting that’s ripe for slips and falls.

Safety shoes are an overlooked item in most kitchens, with attention typically going to high-end utensils and appliances. But it’s easier than ever to add a pair of trend-driven performance shoes to the inventory with a variety of popular styles available, including clogs by Grey’s Anatomy and LifeStride’s WorkLife collection and a Mary Jane by Alegria.

Grey's Anatomy Shoes
Grey’s Anatomy slip-on with silver brush strokes.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Designers in the duty shoe space are taking their cue from the fashion market by adding hints of silver — from platinum to sterling and titanium. It’s a nod to the increasing popularity of stainless steel in today’s high-tech kitchen design.

Comfort is as essential as safety when it comes to these work looks. Here, manufacturers are adding cushioned insoles and arch supports, taking the pain out of cooking for dozens during the restaurant dinner rush to those entertaining a small gathering of  family and friends at home.

LifeStride Shoes
WorkLife from LifeStride’s speckled-effect clog.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

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