Kim Kardashian West’s Closet Organizer Dishes On Working With The Star

Most women would jump at the chance to raid Kim Kardashian West’s accessories closet, but Jennifer Dynof has instead organized it. Dynof and partner Mary Astadourian are co-founders of professional organizing service Details Organizing, which has helped Hollywood A-listers keep their homes and closets neat and tidy.

Dynof tells us that Kardashian West’s accessories closet was as big as an average living room — clearly a space that would need some time to navigate. “She is very organized and neat, so she really was a dream client. Meticulous,” said Dynof of Kardashian West.

The room housed hundreds of pairs of shoes, including her custom styles designed by husband Kanye West during his collaboration with designer Giuseppe Zanotti. And when it came to merchandising, West was happy to be involved. “Kanye was very hands-on when we were merchandising her closet. He has his thumbprint on every design. Putting this closet together for her was really a group effort.”

Aside from Kardashian West’s shoe collection, what else grabbed Dynof’s attention? “She also had some pretty amazing handbags. One that stood out was a canvas Hermès that North had hand-painted for her on Mother’s Day.”

Kim Kardashian Hermes Painted Bag
Kardashian West spotted in Los Angeles with her Hermès bag hand-painted by North West.
CREDIT: INFphoto.com.

The two also run Innies, offering solutions to storing boots and handbags to maximize closet space while preserving them. Items offered include a Boot Innie, a quilted fabric boot insert that molds to the shape of the boot, keeping it  upright and in its original shape. There’s also a series of purse stuffers that can be rolled or folded into a handbag that conforms to its dimensions.

Kim Kardashian Closet
Kim Kardashian West’s shoe closet in Miami.
CREDIT: Instagram.

For those shoe hoarders whose closets are overflowing with fabulous finds, Dynof has some organizing tips to create additional space.  “No closet is big enough,” said Dynof, who struggles with her own compact closet. “It’s a universal problem.”

For starters, Dynof suggests adding a high-hanging closet bar to free up space on the floor for shoes. Shoes can be housed in pairs in plastic boxes that function as drawers, stacked six to seven high across the length of the closet. Like Dynof, those who are really meticulous can place a photo of the shoes on the box front for easy reference.

Another option, said Dynof, is using the top closet shelf to store taller boots. “They’re easy to view and easy to get to,” she said. For even more space, there are lots of over-the-door shoe bags and racks that can house up to 36 pairs. Less-expensive flip-flops and slippers can be placed in a basket on the floor or on a shelf for easy access.

If space or money isn’t an object, Dynof can create a shoe wall for clients. She likes to start at the bottom shelf with tall boots, then work her way up with short boots, followed by flats and sneakers, and finishing with sandals.


But that’s not all. For out-of-season footwear, there’s additional real estate under the bed. Here, you can discreetly and easily store large plastic and fabric boxes that can hold as many as 16 pairs.

If your home or apartment has been overrun by shoes or clothes, Dynof has yet other option. Each year she hosts a clothing swap where she invites one friend, who in turn can invite another friend. Each does a sweep of their closet, ready to exchange items with someone else at the swap. Among her goals is the opportunity to not only downsize her closet but try a new trend without having to shell out any money. And, she said, she’s committed to keeping less items than she brought to the swap.

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