Under Armour Employees Share Kevin Plank’s Best Advice & Company Perks

Under Armour’s employees share company secrets, their dream athlete lunch date and much more.

Jamie Bragg, VP, team sports

17 years at UA

Company perk: “Attending major sporting events.”

Kevin Plank’s best advice: “No one person is bigger than the brand. Be humble and hungry.”

Dream athlete lunch date: “Lindsey Vonn. I want to understand her mindset, drive and courage before she flies down a hill at 70 mph.”

Best and worst day on the job: “It was the same day. We just received our first line of women’s products from manufacturing, and it was all wrong. We could have pointed fingers and laid blame, but we came together and vowed to do better.”

Must-have UA shoe: “Highlight Cleat.”

Under Armour Highlight Cleat
Under Armour Highlight Cleat
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.


Amy Larkin, VP, culture, philanthropy and corporate events

14 years at UA

Brand secret: “Thirteen is its lucky number. It’s spooky how much it comes up. I have a list.”

Company perk: “Benefits toward our Under Armour performance center. Not many places will you find 100-plus people from the same company working out together at 6 a.m.”

Kevin Plank’s best advice: “Don’t spend most of your life wishing you were someplace else. Focus on the moment you’re in and really be there.”

Best day on the job: “Our billion-dollar day tops the list.”

Must-have UA shoe: “SpeedForm Gemini. Last summer, I did the Avon 39-mile walk in San Francisco in them in honor of my mom.”

Under Armour
Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.


Scott Salkeld, VP, global marketing operations

17 years at UA

Company perk: “Limitless opportunities.”

Job swap: “Head of innovation. It’s what our company was founded on.”

Kevin Plank’s best advice: “Think like an entrepreneur.”

Dream athlete lunch date: “Michael Phelps — there’s a slim chance he might eat more than me.”

Must-have UA shoe: “Brow Tine hunting boot.”

Under Armour Campaign Michael Phelps
Under Armour “Rule Yourself” campaign featuring Michael Phelps.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Kip Fulks, interim chief merchandising officer

20 years at UA

Company perk: “An autographed Stephen Curry shoe.”

Job swap: “Tom Brady.”

Best advice from Kevin Plank: “Join Under Armour.”

Dream athlete lunch date: “Misty Copeland. I would score major brownie points with my wife. She’s a big fan.”

Best day on the job: “Crossing $1 billion in revenues.”

Tom Brady New England Patriots
Tom Brady of the New England Patriots in Under Armour.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Getty Images

Alexandra Pettitt, chief of staff, global marketing

12 years at UA

Brand secret: “There have been a lot of headlines about the amazing MVPs on our roster, but we also have incredible teammates who make it fun to come to work every day.”

Kevin Plank’s best advice: “Everything matters.”

Dream athlete lunch date: “Stephen Curry, so I can meet Riley [his daughter].”

Best day on the job: “Opening our first store in China. It was a huge team effort with time invested by every part of the organization.”

Must-have UA shoe: “SpeedForm Apollo 2.”

Under Armour’s Speedform Apollo
Under Armour’s Speedform Apollo

Eric Ogbogu, Director, sports marketing, football

9 years at UA

Dream athlete lunch date: “Lauren Holiday. She’s unbelievably nice, and I had a great vibe when I met her.”

Must-have UA shoe: “Gemini and SpeedForm RC.”

U.S. Women's National Team Cleats
Lauren Holiday in the Under Armour ClutchFit Force FG.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Getty Images

Julie Block, director, corporate archives and history

14 years at UA

Brand secret: “Our awesome waterfront views.”

Kevin Plank’s best advice: “Great idea — go for it.”

Dream athlete lunch date: “Jordan Spieth. Watching Jordan win the Masters and U.S. Open and handling himself with so much class shows how well he represents our brand.”

Must-have UA shoe: “Gemini 1 and 2. I have them in five colors.”

Jordan Spieth for Under Armour
Jordan Spieth for Under Armour
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Willie McGirt, manager, field testing

13 years at UA

Company perk: “Gym workouts, Under Armour discount and company gatherings.”

Job swap: “Ryan Kuehl, VP, global sports marketing. I want to see how many professional athletes I can sign in one day.”

Kevin Plank’s best advice: “You have to get up and put your workboots on every single day.”

Must-have UA shoe: “SpeedForm Gemini 1 and 2.”

Under Armour
Under Armour Speedform Apollo.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Christine Leary, senior director, HR operations

14 years at UA

Company perk: “Creating your own career path.”

Kevin Plank’s best advice: “Trust more, love more. It’s about trusting positive intent and being kind and appreciative toward others.”

Dream athlete lunch date: “Stephen Curry. Then, play a game of horse with him.”

Must-have UA shoe: “SpeedForm Gemini Record-Equipped.”

Under Armour Campaigns Steph Curry
Rule Yourself campaign starring Stephen Curry.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Jimmy Little, senior manager, team sports grassroots

15 years at UA

Brand secret: “The teammates. We make great product, but it’s a special place because of the people I work with.”

Company perk: “The Humble & Hungry Café [where] I’m able to sit and talk to teammates at different levels. It helps me keep a perspective of who we are and the culture we continue to build.”

Job swap: “Kevin Plank. He makes it look easy, but I know the job of leading this brand is demanding.”

Dream athlete lunch date: “Ray Lewis. I’m always looking to get good advice from people who’ve been successful at overcoming naysayers.”

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank
Misty Copeland and Kevin Plank shot exclusively for <em>Footwear News</em>.
CREDIT: Axel Dupeux.


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