5 Tips to Protect Your Feet Into Fall/Winter

The beginning of fall is just a week away, kicking off the official start of boot season. While these closed-up looks offer protection from the elements, they can also impact everyday foot health and comfort.

According to Brooklyn, N.Y.-based podiatric surgeon Dr. Allyssa Knowles of The Brooklyn Hospital Center, there are some easy steps to follow to ensure positive foot health as the cold weather looms. Here, she shares five easy-to-follow tips to comfortably take your feet through the fall and winter seasons.

  1.  Wear the appropriate type footwear when heading outdoors, warns Dr. Knowles. Since many women may ignore ice and snow, stepping out in heels can lead to conditions such as frostbite. “Boots are the way to go,” said Dr. Knowles.
  1. Pay careful attention to the boot sizing in order to maintain foot stability, she warns. Make sure there is enough wiggle room at the toes, while at the same time a pair of boots that are too big can cause a slip or fall. For a more exact fit, a pair of orthotics can be found in most pharmacies, comfort shoe stores or be custom-made.
  1. Parents should be warned that buying boots a size too large so their child can grow into them the following season can result in foot issues. “Unlike a coat,” said Dr. Knowles, “boots should fit kids properly right now.” This will avoid foot friction that can lead to more serious conditions.
  1. Skin conditions can occur during the colder weather. To keep skin moisturized, home remedies can include light conditioning with petroleum jelly. Feet can sweat, causing issues such as bacterial infections, so socks should be changed often. A simple sprinkling of foot powder inside socks can help eliminate the problem by keeping feet dry.
  1. For sports enthusiasts, such as runners, Dr. Knowles warns to be mindful of changing into performance footwear that offers moisture-wicking properties due to wet weather conditions. A visit to a pro running store offers plenty of choices.



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