Base by Wiivv Custom 3D-Printed Insoles Launches on Kickstarter

Wiivv Wearables Inc. is giving consumers a personalized comfort experience with its 3D-printed Base by Wiivv insoles launching today on Kickstarter.

The Vancouver, Canada-based bionics company, which creates on-demand, custom, 3D-printed gear, is offering a line of insoles that uses a smartphone app and advanced computer vision to capture one’s foot data. The product was developed in conjunction with biomechanics experts in sports medicine, orthotics and pedorthics to maximize comfort, promote alignment and lessen foot fatigue.

The insole, the company’s first mobile-ready product, is designed to relieve foot pain at a more accessible price than orthotics prescribed by a medical professional. The insoles have a patent-pending design that ensures biomechanics neutrality to lessen pressure on the forefoot, thereby helping to increase stability and promote healthy alignment. The custom fit allows the insoles to follow one’s unique arch, reducing foot fatigue typically caused by improper support in shoes.

“Base by Wiiv is a body-perfect insole for people who work, play and lead active lives on their feet,” according to Shamil Hargovan, CEO and co-founder. “Having worked with hundreds of first responders, filmmakers, weekend warriors and hospitality workers, we know we  are making a profound difference in their daily lives.”

The Wiivv team has developed a suite of technologies that comprise a newly conceptualized Adaptive Manufacturing System that can be applied to any part of the human body. Using proprietary computer-vision technologies, photos can be used to create a 3D model that’s then manufactured in the company’s San Diego facility.

The company has a Kickstarter goal of $50,000, which will be used in the manufacturing and fulfillment of Base insoles, set to begin shipping within days of the completion of the campaign.

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