Why FN Platform Is Expanding Into The New York Arena

Plans for the new FN Platform in New York are taking shape — and Leslie Gallin, president of footwear for UBM Fashion Group, wants to spread the word about the show’s mission.

Gallin emphasized the New York edition of the event “is not going to be a replacement” for the Las Vegas version. Similarly, it’s not designed to compete with FFANY in “any way, shape or form.”

The debut event will take place in February and run biannually at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The show will be positioned alongside additional events under the UBM umbrella, including Stitch, Moda, Edit and Accessories the Show, offering a head-to-toe buying experience.

fn platform 2016
FN Platform 2016.

Gallin said the company made the decision to launch the New York FN Platform show — which will feature women’s and juniors’ brands — for one key reason.

Sole Commerce, UBM’s New York-based footwear event that runs alongside Coterie, has continued to be selective about the vendors it accepts into the show. “Every season, brands who wanted to come would call us, and we had to say, ‘You don’t meet the criteria,’ ” Gallin explained.

As Sole Commerce looks to become more elevated and positioned “in the heart” of the Coterie show, Gallin and her team see an opening to add FN Platform into the mix to accommodate more footwear players.

The show is geared toward vendors who want to finalize their orders for the season after Las Vegas, or get in front of new boutique retailers and stores in the New York area.

“This is not a footwear-centric market, but it’s a wonderful opportunity for people to pick up business,” Gallin said. “That’s all we’re looking at — how do we help the industry in both good times and hard times?”

The executive also reflected on this month’s Vegas edition of FN Platform, noting that attendees and exhibitors were upbeat, with celebrity appearances by Katy Perry and Wayne Newton contributing to an energetic atmosphere.

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