U.S. Moms Are Not Having Enough Fun, Says Crocs Study

Crocs Inc. is encouraging moms across the country to let their hair down this Mother’s Day.

The casual-footwear maker released the findings of its first “State of Fun” survey today — and the results, the company said, indicate “a fun deficit” among U.S. moms in particular.

The U.S. study, conducted by ORC International from March 21 to March 30 with 2,283 U.S. adults from all 50 states, found that 90 percent of U.S. moms connect fun to their personal health and well-being, yet 63 percent say they’re having less fun today than they did 10 years ago.

Compared to the rest of U.S. adults, 79 percent of mothers are more likely to say they need more fun in their lives, the results indicate. Furthermore, moms will have 10 fewer days of fun over the course of a year compared to the general U.S. population, the study found.

According to Terence Reilly, chief marketing officer at Crocs, the company also surveyed about 13,000 adults in its six global priority markets and “uncovered a much larger fun deficit in America than we ever imagined, especially among moms.”

“It’s been cited on the U.S. presidential campaign trail that there is a fun deficit in America, which made us wonder how big that deficit is and what we can do about it at Crocs,” said Reilly.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Crocs enlisted the help of Audrey McClelland, mother of five and founder of the MomGenerations.com website for mothers, to offer tips to help moms and their loved ones on the upcoming holiday.

For starters, just be a better observer of what makes moments special for our moms, and it begins with putting away the smartphone on Mother’s Day unless it’s picture time,” said McClelland. “Three in four moms in the survey say they don’t want mobile devices to interrupt the fun, so we need to respect that.”

Since the survey indicated that 64 percent of moms rank Mondays as the least fun day of the week, McClelland partnered with Crocs to create the hashtag #MomsMonday on social media. Beginning the Monday after Mother’s Day, Crocs will use its social media channels to encourage moms to show others how they’re breaking up the Monday blues, the company said.


Crocs’ survey respondents also indicated that shoes (69 percent) and shirts (70 percent) were the most important pieces of clothing when people are ready to have fun.

Crocs, of course, beckons mothers and other family members alike, to consider a few wardrobe changes — perhaps nabbing a pair of the brand’s signature clogs — to add a little more excitement to their lives.

If you’re going for fun, colorful and comfortable shoes can help,” said McClelland. “Crocs is a brand that embraces quirky but stylish fun, with a surprising variety of shoe and sandal styles.”

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