Study: Americans Are Losing Weight And Going For Workout Shoes Instead

Consumers’ robust appetite for sneakers isn’t slowing down.

And a study released Sept. 2 would suggest shoppers are wearing their new kicks for more than style and comfort: They are exercising in them as well.

U.S. adult obesity rates fell in four states between 2014 and 2015 — that’s the first time any state has experienced a drop in the past decade.

A report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation said obesity rates decreased in Minnesota, Montana, New York and Ohio in 2015. Only Kansas and Kentucky saw obesity rates climb.

“This year’s State of Obesity report is an urgent call to action for government, industry, healthcare, schools, child care and families around the country to join in the effort to provide a brighter, healthier future for our children,” Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, president and CEO of RWJF, said in a statement. “It focuses on important lessons and signs of progress, but those efforts must be significantly scaled to see a bigger turn around.”

Louisiana was the fattest state, with an adult obesity rate above 36 percent, according to the report. Conversely, Colorado was the skinniest, with adult obesity hovering around 20 percent.

Nine of the 11 states with the highest obesity rates are in the South, and 22 of the 25 states with the highest rates of obesity are in the South and Midwest.

To reverse the trend more, the report recommended states invest in obesity prevention programs, as well as school-based snack policies.

In addition, it called for community based policies that emphasize health in transportation planning — making sure residents have accessible walking and biking paths — and public-private partnerships to promote availability to healthy affordable foods.


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